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Title: Journal of social sciences, vol. I (1), 2018
Other Titles: Jurnalul științelor sociale, vol. I (1), 2018
Authors: Bostan Viorel (editor-in-Chief)
Sturza Rodica (responsable editor)
Trifan Nicolae (editor production)
Țurcan Iuliu (editor production)
Caterenciuc Svetlana (editor production)
Stratan Zinaida (editor production)
Keywords: social sciences
scientific publication
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Publishing House „TEHNICA UTM”
Abstract: Journal of social sciences, vol. I (1), 2018. CONTENT: L. Bugaian Entrepreneurial education for engineers / 5; S. Haritonov, А.Verejan, М. Lupacesu, G. Lupacescu, M. Haritonov Student centered learning / 11; O. Zingan, L. Bivol Aspects on methodology of teaching grammar / 14; S. Caterenciuc Linguistic and terminological units: word, term, concept / 17; E. Hodinitu, V. Cuciuc Word by word translation of stuctures formed with the help of prefixes / 20; M. Iordanov Ludic learning – interactive method of teaching modern languages / 23; L. Moscalenco Specialized terms and terminology definition / 26; L. Prozor-Barbalat The influence of English language on the Romanian and French languages / 30; L. Ungureanu Suffixal derivation – procedure of expressing volume for food containers / 34; M. Cerepanona, L. Burdila Reflections on some difficulties of specialized text translation / 37; L. Ciumac English language influence on gastronomic terms / 40; S. Caterenciuc The process of internationalization of English technical terms / 42; R. Țurcan Development and importance of leasing operations in the Republic of Moldova / 45; T. Grunzu Implementation of the organizational culture values in the communication process /54; I. Gumeniuc The correlation analysis of the dependence of the gross internal product on basic factors / 60; L. Novicova, M. Matrosova Management policy of long-term material assets of the enterprise: content and stages of development / 66; A. Oberșt Current food safety challenges / 71; Iu. Țurcan Tendencies for the development of leasing operations on the markets of the countries presented in leaseurope / 75. S. Bogdanova Model forecasting the volume of market services to the population of the Republic Moldova / 83; T. Stucalova Modern approaches to the determination and calculation of the competitiveness of the national economy / 95; T. Grunzu Impactul coachingului asupra competențelor profesionale ale angajaților / 103; L. Chiriac, A. Munteanu Impact of packaging on the environment / 107; N. Ștefîrță Macroprudential policies of the central bank and financial stability /111; M. Gheorghița Normative determination of current assets – an efficient technique to manage them / 117; M. Gheorghița, C. Crucerescu The impact of cooperation models of Moldovan companies on the growing of added value /126.
Description: Main subjects areas of the Journal: Arts and Design; Pedagogy and Psychology;  Sociology; Philosophy; History; Philology and linguistics; Library & Information Management; Economics and Management; Finance and Accounting; Marketing and Logistics; Economics Policy and Economic Policies; Intellectual Property law; Cadastral law; Agro-food legislation; Transport legislation; Ecological legislation; International law.
ISSN: 2587-3490
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