21st-23rd April 2010, Sibiu

The First International Conference in Romania on Information Literacy organized by the  “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, the University Library in cooperation with the Librarians’ Association of Romania took place in Sibiu, between the 21stand the 23rd of April, 2010, and brought together specialists from Romania and abroad.

The objectives of the conference were:
1. Introducing and discussing the “INFORMATION LITERACY” concept, for the first time, in Romania.
2. Developing the Information Science in universities through the new Information Technologies.
3. Preparing skills for an efficient use of modern and various resources of information and research on the Internet, the new multi media equipments.
4. Stimulating the academic society to research, development, innovation in the context of the integration in the E.U. and in the context of a high level competition for Romania and the other European countries.
5. Modernizing the curricula by introducing the Information Literacy on all levels.

The conference had been highly appreciated, an annual scientific event from now on at the „Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu.
We want to thank all the participants who responded to the conference organizers with commitment and professionalism.